Sunday, 7 July 2013


My uni term has now ended and suddenly I have found that I can breathe again. Kind of. But somehow I have still not stopped for a second, despite being over a week into my summer holiday. I just wanted to update my blog and ensure that I continue to have at least one post for every month since I began it last summer (it's nearly at it's first birthday whoop whoop).

So...what have I been up to in Charlotte world??

Well firstly, I had the last few weeks of my uni term. And despite studying Primary education with English, I have decided that teaching isn't for me. It was a heart wrenching that took a lot of guts to make because I am now set back three years in terms of all the experience I have acquired and skills I have practiced. But I know I have made the right decision and I am now beginning to think up other careers I could do as well as organise other work placements. I have a few ideas and hope that some of these will start being implemented in the next couple of months.

Next up, I had to move house and say goodbye to my four awesome housemates that I have lived with for the past year. I can not even begin to express how great it has been and I could not have asked for a better set of girls. I love them dearly. Hopefully this year will be just as good. Moving was stressful but it is slowly being sorted and all will be goooood =]

On the 1st of this month, I turned 21. I have never, in the past, been that fussed about my birthday, it's just always been another day with more important things going on. But this one was pretty incredible. I had an insane house party, a trip to the West End to see Jersey boys, a cinema trip, many drinks, even more beautiful presents and three meals. The most recent of which was with my parents, two younger siblings, older half brother, his wife and my two best friends in a posh hotel in West Sussex. It was perfect. Such a beautiful day, incredible food, even better company. I am a lucky girl to have such amazing friends and family to put up with me all the time. I don't know why to be honest and never stop being grateful.

And then there were the graduations. Because I am on a four year course, the majority of my friends graduated last week, leaving me to fight through my final year all alone. I know I will see the ones I am close to in the future, but it was still a very emotional day to see them dress up in their robes and be all 'grown up.' I am so proud of every single one of them, they all did incredibly.

And finally, now that that's all over and completed, I am flying to Italy tomorrow for two weeks. I am incredibly excited as I have never been before. Will definitely take a million pictures and update the blog on my return. So prepare to be jealous.

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